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Atlantis – The lost Island

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Atlantis – The lost Island

The existence of Atlantis, which is known as ‘The lost island’ has always been a considerable debate, though there is no evidence to uncover the exact location of the island. There are many interesting stories and studies revolve around the island as much as we dig. Platos, the student of Socrates has mentioned it first in his stories. A lot of ancient writers say Atlantis is just a fiction created by Plato but a lot of other believe it is true and did exist in BCs.

The original story says that the god of the sea, Poseidon has created this huge island for his lady love, Cleito. The later kings of the island were descended from Poseidon and there are a lot of stories supporting this. Some of the philosophers says, there is a great temple built over the cliff of the hill, honoring the mighty Poseidon and there is a huge golden statue of him riding flying According to Plato’s writing, Atlantis was destroyed (or lost) close to 9000 years before he mentioned it in his writings. There is this strange scenario quite popular about Atlantis. There were this immense number of people who went and started working and living at Atlantis during Poseidon’s time. It was said that, there was a lot of determination and hard work spend by those people to develop the island and it was one such place to live. Time goes by, and the generations took over the power. As the greed and longing for dominance has killed the harmony in Atlantis.

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Then Zeus (The highest power of all the gods as the Europeans believed) decided to punish them and created a destruction. And that’s how the entire island had been sunk and lost under the Atlantic Ocean. There are other sources that shows Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake. If sources are believed, Atlanteans has developed a highly cultured and advanced civilization and possess a lot of spacefaring technologies that are far advanced than the ones in modern times.

Some of the stories even came up with a theory that the people lived in Atlantis reached there from another planet and not from simply the others parts of the world. And that was how they were able to build such epic constructions and archeological wonders (though no one has never A Roman Catholic Scientist Athanasius Kircher has once prepared a map on Atlantis, placing it in middle of the Great Atlantic Ocean, and it was published in a scientific textbook Athanasius Although this ‘Legendary Lost city’ that existed over 11000 years ago (according to Plato) is still one of the undemonstrated geographic mystery for the archaeologists. Atlantis still doesn’t fail to excite the researchers with it’s perks of abstract facts. There was a vast study that happened in mid­1960’s and a lot of amazing facts (not exactly about Atlantis Island) about Atlantic Ocean has emerged in those studies. Photographs of ruined roads and building (believed that are from ancient civilization) were found in Binini Island were published by Dr. Manson Valentine and similar evidences were pulled out of Bahamas Islands too.

An explorer Tony Benlk has reported that he has found a gigantic 11 room pyramid under water in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. But a lot of people happen to strike it off saying it is just a fiction he After so many studies and imaginary renderings of artists, portraying the island, Atlantis is reportedly still a mystery of all time.

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