“Auto Johnny” turns as “Auto Venky”

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'Auto Johnny' turns as 'Auto Venky'
‘Auto Johnny’ turns as ‘Auto Venky’
When Megastar Chiranjeevi announced that he wants to do films again, that lit up a lot of eyes. The directors were excited, Producers were excited and don’t even get me started with the audience. Fan Made posters, suggestions for remakes, welcome back songs, internet was filled with all these. Krishna Vamshi, V V. Vinayak, Puri Jagannadh and many more directors tried their luck narrating him different stories. But every one can’t get lucky at once, can they?
I must say, Puri Jagannadh’sAuto Johnny‘ got a lot of public attention and everyone thought it’s final. Puri even made a lot of changes to the script to impress Chiranjeevi. But irrespective of all those efforts, Chiru didn’t find that as an appropriate script for comeback. Now there is a buzz in Film Nagar that Puri took that script to Victory Venkatesh and Venky seems to like it. 
Venky now is on international schedule for ‘Babu Bangaram‘ with Nayantara under Maruthi’s direction. Once he is back in town, they might finalise things. So far, the script has been renamed as ‘Auto Venky’. It’s not first time that the script travels from hero to hero. But Chiru and Venky has different body languages and fan base. How smart is it to fit Venky into Chiranjeevi’s shoes?

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