Bahubali director Praising his Cinematographer

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Bahubali is one of the toughest films ever worked by the  both cast and crew of the movie,Post after finishing hectic schedules in Hyderabad outskirts Bahubali team shifted their shooting spot to Mahabaleswar.

Being landed in the city heavy rains welcomed the team to have tough time to shoot major part of the movie,But DOP Senthil Kumar Managed the weather conditions to his work and   shot  some crucial scenes between Prabhas and Tamanna.

Bahubali  is produced by Arks media works banner and many top technicians sweating a lot to complete this Mega movie.Rajamouli impressed with Senthil’s work twitted some good words about his talented DOP.

“Mist makes it beautiful Rain makes it unshootable… But, Sendhil still managed to capture some magical shots.. “

Making of Bahubali :

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