Balakrishna once again pissed of by a fan in Vizag

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Balakrishna was in Visakhapatnam yesterday, at the Sarada Peetam to offer special prayers; for the sake of the state’s well-being. Talking about the purpose of the visit and how ‘Sastras’ and ‘Hindu Dharma’ has been playing a pivotal role in the ruling of the states since the ancient times, he reminisced a few slokas. But, when an enthusiastic fan screamed ‘once more’, hooting for the slokas said by Balayya, it pissed him off. The actor chided the fan-boy and said it is not any movie dialogue. However, it was all a candid moment to the cameras and Balakrishna himself laughed it off, which left the fan also, in smiles.


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