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Balakrishna openly states why he hasn’t invited Chiranjeevi

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Nandamuri Balakrishna, the MLA of Hindupur, has been promoting brand Lepakshi very keenly of late.  The first edition of Lepakshi Utsavalu, which is to be launched on Feb 27, is expected to be a cultural affair of magnificent proportions, perked up by glamour quotient. However, Balayya has chosen not to invite his contemporary and fellow politician K Chiranjeevi, whose presence would definitely have raised the brand value of the Utsavalu.

Asked if Balayya invited Chiru for the event, the Hindupur MLA frankly said no, suggesting that there was already enough glamour quotient.”I have not invited Chiranjeevi for the event. Nenu evarini netthi meeda pettukonu!” he added.  “I have with me those who add glamour.  It’s my wish to invite or not to invite someone.  Many types of people would be ready to come if invited.  But, this is my way of working, Dictator-style,” Balayya said, smiling when the reporters guffawed.

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