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Balakrishna uses filthy language yelling at media

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While media men were fighting amongst themselves to set up the cameras and take Balakrishna’s byte, during the GHMC elections yesterday, Balayya was caught on camera losing his cool.  He yelled at the media people for babbling and has used filthy language, which went on air in a news channel. Now, the bit video is going viral on social networking sites for the obvious reasons. While a few are making fun out of the situation, some are questioning if it is right for an MLA and a senior actor to use such language with media, that too without even checking if he is on live.

However, his fans are supporting the incident saying it is very general for anyone to get pissed.  Nevertheless, this is not the first time Balayya is involved in such controversy. Earlier, he was caught on camera beating up one of his fan, who misbehaved with him. Also, a voice tape, which is allegedly a phone record between the actor and a fan, has taken the social networking sites by storm, since the audio has some highly absuive speech. However, nobody knows if it was Balakrishna or not.

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