Bipasha Basu, Pay Up Rs 20 Lakh Else Face Legal Action

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Bipasha Basu, Pay Up Rs 20 Lakh Else Face Legal Action



Bipasha Basu’s fight with the London event organiser and co-ordinator is far from over. The duo (Gurbani Kaur & Ronita Sharma Rekhi) is hitting back to say that Bipasha’s claims through her open letter in her self-defence are largely false and if she does not compensate for their damages worth Rs 25,000 pounds in the next 7 days, they will expose her ‘ruckus’ in London through the evidence which they have collected in the past few days

Gurbani further informed the portal, “Bipasha has to compensate us with 25,000 pounds which is our calculated loss. If she fails to do so, I will take legal action against her.”

The show co-ordinator Rekhi, added that they had enough evidence to prove that their demand is justified. “We have suffered not only monetary loss but her open letter defames us and we might even lose our reputation. We went out of our way to give her everything that she desired. Her claims of getting bullied are all rubbish. In fact, it was we who were bullied by a celebrity. She was extremely unprofessional and unethical in her commitment,” she said

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