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Black Market For “Blood” In Delhi

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Black Market For "Blood" In Delhi
Black Market For “Blood” In Delhi

As city hospitals burst at the seams with patients diagnosed with the debilitating mosquito-transmitted illnesses, brokers roamed around freely to sell blood and donors to desperate relatives, the probe revealed.

At hospitals run by the Delhi government, most of whose ministers were out on tour when dengue and chikungunya spiked, several staff and touts were found to be profiteering from the ongoing crisis.

Against this backdrop, blood brokers roam the wards freely, selling blood and fixing donors for desperate relatives.
Only cash works in their trade, they suggested. “You’ll get your eight units. You just have to manage how you carry them,” the tout said.


Demanding Money For Blood per Unit
Demanding Money For Blood per Unit

“The Centre has been sensitive about both the diseases since January and has been working in coordination with state governments.

Since January 2016, there have been 17 review meetings. While 11 advisories have been issued to the states regarding protocols and methodology to be followed to tackle the diseases, three video conferences have also been done,” said Union Health Minister J P Nadda.

“The Union Health Ministry has already provided all logistical and technical support to the Delhi Government in terms of surveillance and diagnostic kits to strengthen their efforts in addressing dengue.

Doctors have been advised to strictly follow the protocols and the Ministry has also trained health workers to ensure timely implementation of various activities that need to be undertaken for vector control,” he said.


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