Bobby Mohan well appreciated for his performance in ‘Action Hero Biju’

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Director Abrid Shine has introduced many a new faces in his latest movie ‘Action Hero Biju’. While some characters were introduced through the movie posters, the trailer to did its share to introduce new faces. One among the notable actors introduced to Malayalam cinema through ‘Action Hero Biju’ is Bobby Mohan.

The trailer starts with him. Bobby plays the lead actress Anu Immanuel’s father in the movie. It is he who introduces the movie’s hero Biju, played by Nivin Pauly. It is evident from the trailer that his acting and style of rendition will open up new vistas for him in the field of acting. Though Bobby Mohan is new to acting, he has always been part of various movies. He has co-produced ‘T D Dasan’ and other movies. More is expected to be seen from the talented actor in the coming days.

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