Bollywood actresses charge a bomb for promoting their own films

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For Bollywood actresses, promoting their own movie on television and other events has proved to be costly and is burning a hole in the producers pockets. Katrina Kaif charges Rs. 1.5 Lakhs per day, and that amount includes for her make-up, hairstylist, driver and spot boy, each time she makes a television appearance on Comedy Night shows. Apart from 1.5 Lakhs a day, a seperate amount of 75,000 Rupees – 1 Lakh has to be kept aside for sourcing outfits for the day.

So Katrina Kaif, spends close to 2.5 Lakhs a day just to promote her own film. View Photos Deepika Padukone, also charges the same amount as Katrina Kaif, and the funny part is that both Deepika and Katrina use the same hairstylist and sometimes clash with each other as the hairstylist is required at the same time.

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