Bollywood Star Priyanka Chopra Makes Rare Leap To America TV

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Priyanka Chopra becomes the first Bollywood star to headline an American TV series with ABC’s ‘Quantico‘, premiering 27th September.
She’s a megastar from Mumbai, home to the world’s most prolific film industry.
Priyanka is obviously elated to have her mum on the Quantico sets with her. She posted an adorable selfie with her saying that she is enjoying family time on set! But her star power has been relatively lackluster in the United States.
priyanka chopra
priyanka copra
“I’m excited about making a new foray, but I’m also very nervous,” Chopra said. “I feel like a debutante, like how I felt when my first movie was releasing in 2003. Every time I see a billboard, every time I see my face on a bus or a magazine, I’m just like, ‘It’s a new culture, a new country.’ I hope that I’m accepted as an actor.”

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