Brand new stills from ‘Sultan’ and ‘440 Volts’ song – Movie Mint

Brand new stills from ‘Sultan’ and ‘440 Volts’ song

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'Sultan' is all set for 'Eid' release
‘Sultan’ is all set for ‘Eid’ release

In the season of Bio-Pics, one more amazing story narrated by Ali Abbas Zafar is ‘Sultan’. This Salman Khan and Anushka Shrma starre is getting ready for Eid release. Meanwhile, Vishal-Shekhar composed tunes are getting unveiled one by one. Here is the new electrifying dream song ‘440 Volts’ along with some new stills of Sultan Ali Khan and Aarfa.

Saath asmaan cheere, saath samander peere, chal saath suron mein karde yeh elaan! That is a Knock Out Shot. (Am sorry! Do we have another term for it in Wrestling?)


Baat kuch alag si hai iski. Yo se Haryana ki Sherni – Aarfa! In her Haryanvi Accent!


And here is the Mika Singh number for you..

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