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Brand Priyanka Chopra Gets Bigger, Better & Bankable

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Brand Priyanka Chopra Gets Bigger, Better & Bankable



Priyanka Chopra was in Bollywood for 15 years and became a household name all across the country and now the actress will soon debut in Hollywood in the film Baywatch and she’s already a well known name in the US and she has become a brand of her own. Her growth is amazing and she’s only just started in Hollywood and there’s a lot more to come!

Impressed with Priyanka’s career graph, trade analyst Atul Mohan says, “She has smartly chalked out her career because once you’re above 30, you know your chances are bleak in Bollywood and you are very selectively chosen for a particular role or a film. So when Priyanka crossed 30s, she started venturing out in Hollywood, did shows, cut albums and tried different things in the West and gradually she became stable. I’d say it was a very progressive and well planned career strategy.”

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh feels that Priyanka is striking the right balance between Bollywood and her international work. “More and more Bollywood actors are looking at expanding their horizons and I think Priyanka has done the wisest thing. She’s done a TV series (Quantico), a film (Baywatch) and has also come on a wide range of chat shows, so obviously people are taking notice of it.”

Priyanka Chopra has done some spectacular work in Bollywood in her career spanning over 15 years. It won’t be wrong to call Priyanka one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood, considering she carved a niche in the industry without a godfather backing her. The 34-year-old took the big leap and went on to become a sensation in Hollywood too. So much so that Marie Claire (USA April Edition) declared Priyanka Chopra as Hollywood’s Most Bankable Badass. Last year, even her Baywatch co-star, Dwayne Johnson, referred to her as ‘one of the biggest stars in the world.’

So Priyanka Chopra is on the right track in her career and is earning name and fame in the US by attending late-night comedy shows, hosting the Oscars and being seen at various other popular shows like Ellen Degeners and The View in primetime US television.

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