“BVS Ravi” Drunk and Drive with “RGV”

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Noted Writer BVS Ravi once again Caught Drunk and Drive by the Police yesterday when he was travelling in his car  near Jubilee Hills with Top Director Ram Gopal Varma(RGV).BVS Ravi consumed excess alcohol more than the limit and booked by the police officials while checking breath Analysis Test.

What sensation in that is Top Director RGV who is trending in news yesterday with Aagadu Controversy  been with Bvs Ravi in his car while Police filed a case against BVS Ravi and asked him to be present on Monday at Court.This is not the first time that BVS Ravi Caught by the police It is his second attempt with excess alcohol Consumption.Police Officials seized the car and asked Ravi to give explanation in court.

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