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‘Calendar Girls’ first song released

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Madhur Bhandarkar is well known for bringing the atrocities in society to life through his realistic direction in movies like Fashion, Heroine etc., His latest project is yet another slam-sham of reality in the movie ‘Calendar Girls’. The movie is about the glamorous world of girls where in the movie makers have recently released an exciting song comprising of five girls. The song which goes as  ‘Awesome Mora Mahiya’ aptly defines the story and the glamorous journey of the ‘Calendar Girls’.

It features Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Kyra Dutt, Ruhi Singh and Satarupa Pyne in sensuous  couture  at exotic locations, in the middle of a breathtakingly gorgeous calendar shoot. The song is quite catchy and is sure to garner great response from audience and in media as well.

Awesome Mora Mahiya VIDEO Song – Meet Bros Anjjan, Khushboo Grewal | Calendar Girls | T-Series

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