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Cameo by Rakshith Shetty in ‘Jigarthanda’

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Popularly called as Simple Star, Rakhit Shetty will star in a cameo role in an upcoming highly anticipated movie! We all know, Sudeep is producing the movie Jigarthanda, which is the remake of Tamil hit movie of the same name. The Ranna actor is helming the project under his home production banner Kichcha Creations. The movie stars Rahul, Ravi Shankar & Samyuktha Hornad in the lead roles. The latest reports about the Jigarthanda (Kannada) is that, Rakshit Shetty has played a cameo appearance in the movie. The news has been revealed by Kichcha Sudeep on his official Twitter page, who took to thank Rakshit Shetty for playing a cameo role. Sudeep quoted that, “Special thanks to My Friend n the talented RakshithShetty for being a part of JIGARTHANDA…”.

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