Caught On CCTV, Woman Doctor Removed IV Line For Father

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Caught On CCTV, Woman Doctor Removed IV Line For Father


CHENNAI: The Chennai police have chargesheeted a woman doctor for trying to kill her 82 year-old father -a heart patient on medical support in an ICU – by pulling the plug after getting his thumb impression on a set of papers. The act was caught on a CCTV camera.

The incident happened last September, and the man died two months later.Though the man’s son, also a doctor, filed a complaint soon after the incident, an FIR was filed only in January, 2016.

The footage given to the police shows the woman, Dr M Jayasudha, entering the room with her two sons. She asks the three nurses to give her some privacy with the patient. She then produces documents believed to be property related that her son pulls out from under his shirt. Her father reportedly signed one page under threat and the daughter also forcibly obtains his thumb impression, according to investigators.

Then, the woman unscrews the drip and tucks the disconnected line under her father’s bed, says the police.

The hospital is owned by the woman’s brother – Dr R Jayaprakash who released the video and reported the matter to the police and the Indian Medical Council for action.


Inspector Thiyagarajan who investigated the case said, “We’ve filed a case of attempt to murder, extortion and trespass. We will soon file the charge sheet”.

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