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CBFC asked the makers to remove Punjab from ‘Udta Punjab’?

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Abhishek Chaubey, the director of 'Udta Punjab'
Abhishek Chaubey, the director of ‘Udta Punjab’

‘Udta Punjab’, a  starrer movie had to return in agony from Censor Board again. The film was made upon the festering problem of drugs in Punjab state and a rock star who is one of the victims. Slate for a June 17th release, the film is facing issues with CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) since ever they applied for it. On May 26, the board have objected the excessive use of profanities in the film and sought 89 cuts to give it a ‘UA’ certificate. Now the revise committee to remove all references to Punjab and other states, and it looks like a decision perhaps taken under pressure from the ruling dispensation in the state.

Talking about it the film producer Anurag Kashyap said, ‘The Akali Dal knows the movie with big stars like Shahid and Kareena will put drugs on the centre stage of the political debate ahead of polls. So first, they tried to politely use censorship by pressurising the filmmakers to remove abuses from the script and then this… We will take this issue to Parliament and not allow this move’. Of course no film maker wants to release a film after removing the main subject from the film.

Well it definitely is a secret move of political parties in Punjab. With assembly elections in January 2017 in Punjab and drugs being an extremely sensitive political subject, politicians seem divided on the impact the film can have on poll results.

Actor and AAP worker Gul Panag, who belongs to Punjab, said that it was strange that CBFC was trying to censor things that are already in public domain. “Besides creative freedom should never be impinged, when its delivering a social message,” said Panag.

Hope this ends soon and they release the movie on scheduled date.