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Censor board denied certification and he made a Nude song to troll them

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'Kathakali' upcoming Malayalam movie
‘Kathakali’ upcoming Malayalam movie

Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is in news again. This time the discussion is for a Malayalam film. So a debutant film maker Saijo Kannanaikkal directed a film called ‘Kathakali’ and it is reportedly a story of homeless man who is trying to create an identity for himself in the society around him. Now the film’s post production is done and taken to the censor board for certification. The board as usual asked for three cuts which included a climax scene where the lead actor goes nude.

The shot is asked to get cut under the grounds of Nudity and Vulgarity. But according to the film maker,. That scene is soul of his script. He is even claiming that the chief officer of regional board is reluctant to give any certification till the objected scenes are removed. So, the film maker gathered some other directors and sat down in front of Chitranjali Studio where the regional censor board operates from. B Unnikrishnan along with the members of FEFKA took part in the protest.

It didn’t stop there. Saijo made a nude song and posted it in YouTube to express how it feels to be pressured by Censor board to release films. The Nude song of Kathakali is trending. Here is the song. Have a look..


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