Chiranjeevi: Pawan kalyan is like my son

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Power star Pawan kalyan and Mega star Chiranjeevi are two big stars in Tollywood,where megastar ruled late 90’s with his super hit movies, later Pawan mania started after Chiranjeevi much concentrated on his political career At present pawan kalyan stands top place in industry.

Due to some misunderstandings and other  decision making changes raised a small rift  between both brothers which prolonged for a while and made them silent in recent outings.One the eve of Mega star birthday a Telugu news daily interviewed Chiranjeevi ,In that specifically chiru questioned  by journalist about Pawan kalyan and his political career .Chiranjeevi replied wholeheartedly saying Pawan kalyan is like my son,with the recent  statement family bonding between both brothers got much closer and mega fans were happy about chiru golden words.

Chiranjeevi new look:

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