Chiranjeevi reveals “Ram Charan’s” bad quality

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Ram Charan has always respected his father immensely, but is his mother’s favourite. At 30, Charan is not just less aggressive than he used to be, but is also mature and has found happiness in his relationship with his father Chiranjeevi. Charan grabbed the opportunity of the 60th birthday of the megastar, to celebrate his life as a star that he left eight years ago to join politics. As he makes his return to his first love cinema, Charan and his wife Upasna organised a mega party for the megastar : a gesture that left him overwhelmed and proud. Excerpts from a conversation with Ram Charan, the son, who is also his father’s biggest fan.

In a recent candid interview, Chiru shared many things about his family, especially about his wife Surekha and son Charan. Besides being the son of the megastar, Charan has the huge responsibility of carrying forward the legacy of being the successor of megastar in the cine industry.

His dedication to work. I am so lazy and sometimes will go as late as 9 am to shoot. Dad is up at 5 am and his first shot happens till 7.15 till today. Throughout his career, I don’t know how he did that. He is so disciplined even at 60. If I was 60 and in my dad’s position, I would have relaxed and taken a backseat. He always tells me, ‘I don’t have a Chiranjeevi behind me. Bugger you have a Chiranjeevi behind you, so you relax.’ Another quality of his is his commitment to his family. We have about 75 people in our family and for every member, the central point is my dad. I am not being able to be a focal point of even five members in my house and he is for 75. And the beauty is that he is not Hitler. It’s his love that’s keeping everyone intact, not his fear. And for that you need patience and tolerance, because each family member is in a different graph, so how you calm yourself down and let them be when they want to be, that’s something I want to learn. And the other thing is that he is someone who never ventured out into any other business despite so many opportunites that came his way. He always said, ‘I want to be just an actor.’ And that’s what I want to do eventually. I too want to get back just to being an actor and want to be No:1.


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