CHITRANGADA Movie Actress Sakshi Gulati Interview

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1- How did u get d film CHITRANGADA?
 I happen to meet ashok (the director)  at a friend’s birthday…  We got on talking  n found a common passion for films..  Before I knew it we had decided to work together n then in a few days.. Ashok offered me parallel lead to anjali in chitrangada n I immediately said yes.
2 -Tell us about your role in the movie?
I play a detective based in USA in the film. When anjali comes there looking to solve her problems…  I help her n then how a mystery in my own family gets intertwined with hers..  N we collectively find answers.  For the rest u have to watch the film.
3- How was the experience of working on the film?
Chitrangada is a very interesting story with lots of twists n turns. We shot the film across a lot of cities on the east coast of USA. Standing outside in subzero temperature n saying long dialogues in telugu was definitely not easy. It was extremely cold but a very different experience no doubt. We shot in some amazing locations n had loads of fun too.
4 -How was it working with Anjali and the director ashok!?
Anjali is very chilled out to work with. Even though she is a star in telugu industry.. We got along well… N we are both foodies..  So that really worked.
Working with ashok was very interesting as he really pushes u to give ur best.  No matter how difficult the working conditions got..  He made sure I said every dialogue of mine in telugu in order to get the perfect lipsync..
Both he and anjali were very patient n supportive.. And that will be visible once u see the film.

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