CINEMA PICHOLLU Latest Telugu Comedy Series Trailer | VIVA Harsha, Shanmukh

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Hyderabad 27th March, 2017:  They both are entertainers who have set the digital world ablaze with their comedy, garnered a strong following and made people take notice. We are talking about Jahnavi Dasetty of ‘Mahathalli’ fame and ‘Viva’ Harsha, who will now be seen on video streaming service Viu in two new shows–‘Munching with Mahathalli’ and Cinema Pichollo’ respectively. Both the shows will be released on 29thMarch.

The other show starring ‘Viva’ Harsha titled Cinema Pichollo celebrates Tollywood cinema and the absolute hysteria that fans experience when they see their cinematic idols making their dramatic entries, delivering ‘punch’ dialogues, woo heroines, their dance moves or beating villainson screen. Harsha Chemmudu will be anchoring the show along with Shanmukh ‘Shannu’ Jaswanth in a 26-episode series on Viu co-produced by Whacked Out! Media.

Viu presents Cinema Pichollu, Latest Telugu Comedy Series. Cinema Pichollu Comedy Series ft. Viva Harsha and Shankukh Jaswanth as SHANNU and BANNU. Cinema Pichollu is all about movies, reviews and spoofs!

Stay tuned to Viu for all the episodes!

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