Coffee with uncle costs Delhi boy his life

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Anas was home on Sunday night when his uncle, Mohammad Shahnawaz, insisted on taking him out for coffee. The 18-year-old was surprised but he cared for coffee and his uncle’s feelings too much to say “no”. They left their ancestral house in Bara Hindu Rao, north Delhi, around 9.30pm and reached a cafe where two of Shahnawaz’s men, Shahbaz and Sonu, were present.

After introductions, they ordered coffee and Shahnawaz managed to spike Anas’ cup with sleeping pills. The boy started feeling drowsy and requested his uncle to take him back home. The party left the cafe on two scooters: Anas, his uncle and another man riding on one, and the fourth man alone on the second scooter.

Anas was feeling sick and asked them to stop. Police say when he bent down to catch his breath, Sonu threw a nylon rope around his neck and strangulated him while Shahbaz stabbed him repeatedly with an ice pick. Anas collapsed bleeding profusely, and Shahnawaz slit his throat with a knife.

Shahnawaz has allegedly confessed that he was in a relationship with Anas’ stepmother Rubina, and they both were after the boy’s wealth. Rubina had debts of her own to pay off while Shahnawaz wanted to take over the business.

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