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Cold war still on between Nagarjuna & Balakrishna

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Looks like the cold war between the two staunch pillars of the Telugu film fraternity has not ended yet. Yes there has been a confrontation between Nagrajuna and Balakrishna few years back during the felicitation ceremony of ANR. Balakrishna, who attended the audio launch of ‘Josh’ and blessed Naga Chaitanya, was not seen for the audio launch or there was no video byte either from him or any of the Nandamuri family members for ‘Akhil’ audio launch.

Nagarjuna and Balakrishna were good pals until the felicitation ceremony held by T.Subbirama Reddy for ANR. The invitation card didn’t have Balayya’s photo and just before the event, Akkineni family realized their mistake and sent some reprinted cards to Nandamuri family. Annoyed, Balakrishna didn’t attend the event and he was angered more, when Nandamuri Mohan Krishna, who attended the event was ignored. Ever since the two actors have been avoiding each other at various events.

Even though Nagarjuna tried to sort out the differences with the help of Ashwini Dutt and Harikrishna, Balayya was adamant. Hope their cold war ends soon and we get to see them together once again.

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