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Cremation of ashes on moon costs 12,000 dollars

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It will be very surprising to know that Celestial Funeral Firm,  Elysium Space is now providing offer of  a “Lunar Memorial,” where in cremated remains are privately sent to the moon. But it does not come for free. For the first 50 candidates, there is a discount offer of 9,950 dollars and thereafter for the remaining lot, it will be 11,950 dollars. This is a San Francisco based company which was founded in 2013 and was established in August of 2015 shortly after signing a contract with  with space logistics company Astrobotic Technology. The first batch of ashes will hitch a ride on Astrobotic’s inaugural lunar mission in 2017.

The families of the dead will have a kit mailed to them which includes an engravable metal box, into which little amount of cremated remains, around 1 gram will be entered. The remains are then sent back to Elysium , which will be placed next to 100 other samples of other cremated remains which will then be ready to take off to outer space and then to moon.



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