Darshan to have 3 actresses in ‘Jaggu Dada’ – Movie Mint

Darshan to have 3 actresses in ‘Jaggu Dada’

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Jaggu Dada is the upcoming movie of  Darshan. Earlier the film-makers slated that, Darshan has paired up opposite actress Deeksha Seth, who is debuting Sandalwood through the movie.  Now, the latest reports says something more and interesting. Like his earlier movie Viraat, Darshan will again romance three female leads in the upcoming movie Jaggu Dada, as well. Darshan will be pairing up with Deeksha Seth, Rachita Ram & Pranitha.  Darshan & Rachita Ram share a good on-screen chemistry which is loved by the audiences, thus the film-makers of Jaggu Dada have included Rachita Ram to play a cameo role in the movie.

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