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Decoding the Mystery Girl Spotted at the Opening Ceremony of IPL 2017

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Decoding the Mystery Girl Spotted at the Opening Ceremony of IPL 2017



The opening ceremony of IPL 2017 was a boring affair except for one thing – the Mystery girl She has managed to take the social media sites by the storm and captured the hearts and minds of people. She was present on the camera screen for just a few seconds but not only was she able to draw away all the attention from Amy Jackson, the star performer of the evening but also managed to create a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of viewers across India. Even days after her first appearance people are still trying to their best to know who she is and get to know more about her. People have identified the mystery girl to be none other than Poonam Kaur Lal., and while we continue to seek more about her, we are also trying to decode what exactly about her appealed to the audience.

Was it her innocent eyes that casted a hypothetic spell on people or was it her cute smile or was it something else that enabled her to charm the crowds in matter of seconds.

One thing that definitely strikes about the Poonam is her #Nofilter and #NoMakeupLook look on that day. She is a perfect embodiment of the term “girl next door” and who seemed to be enjoying the IPL opening ceremony.

There was a mesmerising glow on her face and she seemed to be a woman who has an unmatchable vitality for life. Also while browsing through her Twitter profile, we came to know that before the IPL ceremony she had been to Satguru’s Isha foundation, perhaps it is the yoga and meditation that were responsible for the glow.

Another stark different think about Poonam was that she was dressed in casuals, just a simple dhoti with a casual shirt. One usually expects celebrities to be picture perfect in a designer suits and oozing layers of makeup. They are constantly chased by fashion police and judged under a microscope. Most of them undergo painful procedures or spend hours to get their look right before making any public appearance. And here we had Poonam with no hint of makeup on her face at the opening ceremony of IPL. This is a good signal that the winds are changing now and people have got tired of watching picture perfect women and Poonam managed to bring in a wave of fresh air that viewers welcomed with open arms.

It will not to be farfetched to call her natural Indian beauty that made men to fall in love with her in just one glance. While we wait to see the desi girl next, there are also some other aspects of her nature that have surfaced. She seems to be a deeply spiritual person who has a mind of her own.

Poonam sure seems to value the Indian culture. One good example of this can be seen from the fact that on the day of Baisakhi, she took on to Twitter to share her views on how Sikhs are treated in the Southern part of the country. She urged people to give them the respect and recognition and not just make lame jokes about them.

Not only this, Poonam has also been actively helped in raising funds for good causes. As a matter of fact, she had even taken some underprivileged kids with her to watch Jungle Book last year and continues to engage in such work on an ongoing basis. Poonam Kaur Lal sure appears to be a complete package, who has the right amount of oomph in a really simple package and this is what distinguishes her from the rest of the world.

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