Deepika Proposed to Salman Khan

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Big boss is the big show of India. Bollywood’s every big cinema adorns that stage to promote their movie. With Tamasha’s release just few weeks away it’s Deepika that went to the Big boss 9 house.
Housemates hear a mysterious voice announcing that Deepika Padukone will enter the house and they guess that it is of course the gorgeous Deepika Padukone. Realizing that Deepika  js around and is expected to pay a visit, Prince starts jumping with joy and is very excited to meet the queen of hearts. Soon after, Deepika starts giving commands to the housemates very much like Bigg Boss and asks them to entertain her.
Deepika while playing a game of questions with Salman similar to a game Ved and Taara play in Tamasha, Deepika Knelt down on her knees and Proposed Salman!! Salman caught off guard though felt a little embarrassed at Deepika’s sudden dare was blushing whole through the act and called it a bad idea of her’s apart from rejection it.

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