Devastating landslide in Guatemala kills 30 people & 100s are missing

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On the outskirts of the Guatemalan capital,  30 people were killed and  hundreds of people are missing following a devastating landslide. Rescue workers, police, soldiers and neighbors started searching for the survivors through out the day on Friday. Families reported receiving text messages from people they believed to still be trapped. Among the victims, three include children. As per the reports by the authorities, 600 people were missing due to Thursday’s landslide which destroyed 125 homes after heavy rains.

The landslide was triggered by heavy rain late Thursday in the town of Santa Catarina Pinula and small village of El Cambray II, 15 kilometres east of Guatemala City. 34 people were pulled out alive from the mud and rubble, while 25 others were injured. The impact of the heavy rain was exacerbated by a nearby river, officials said. 9000 homes were destroyed and 29 people died during last year’s rainy season.



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