Dil Raju would have invested 70 cr in ‘Krishnastami’ – Movie Mint

Dil Raju would have invested 70 cr in ‘Krishnastami’

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Dil Raju would have spent Rs. 70 cr if a superstar had been the hero in Krishnastami.   Such is the worth of the subject, Dil Raju told Sunil.  However, the film came Sunil’s way.  Even though no producer would think it wise to spend more than Rs. 10 cr on a Sunil film, Dil Raju’s confidence in the story made him invest something like Rs. 20 cr.

Sunil says, “When Dil Raju said that he would like to make a film with me which is worthy of Rs. 70 cr if it were a superstar film, I told him that I only know how to work hard like a beast of burden and rest is ‘Sharanam Shiva’.  To this, Dil Raju said to me that he had narrated the script to all his family members and that nobody felt that Sunil is not apt.”  Sunil then reveals that he didn’t even listen to the story and simply told Dil Raju, “Tell me when I should start working, I will come to work on that day.”



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