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Dinosaurs Foot prints found in Germany?

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Don’t get scared. The mankind is not being threatened yet to that extend. They are fossils. But very rare and much clear imprints.

The reports say that each of those footprints measure Four feet across and close to 17 inches deep. There are more than 90 of them in number. A biologist from University of Southern Denmark, Pernille Veno Troelsen felt that a couple of raptorial dinosaurs walked around that area close to 142 million years ago and he concluded that the both animals measured approximately 1.6 meters and 1.1 meters of hip height and were moving at a speed of 9.7 KMPH and 6.3 KMPH respectively.

The biologist has a feeling that these could be two social animals that illustrate a parent and child. The small dinosaur can easily be as big as a helicopter and you might have seen it in details in Jurassic Park.

The dinosaurs were supposedly strolling around and the small one had to lope in order to catch up the big one’s speed at times. There were skid marks here and there proving the same.

The excavation director Benjamin Englich shared his points that, ‘What’s special about these tracks is that they go along for a long distance and then the dinosaur makes a sharp turn and that is exceptional’. The paleontologists present there assume that those dinosaurs would have weighed between 25 and 30 tons and had a long neck. They even believe these dinosaurs belong to Megalosauripus species and believed that they walk and run with two legs.

This is not the first time for the archeological scientists to find Dinosaurs fossils. Dinosaur footprints have been found in several European and other countries earlier. Especially England, Germany and Spain have witnessed hundreds of footprints from carnivorous dinosaurs, aged about 145 million years old and surprisingly all are from the same geological period, says Troelsen.

A researcher said that ‘Though is many years apart, it clearly reflects two animals randomly crossing each other’s tracks or rather following one another. We can also see that a duckbill dinosaur has crossed their tracks at one point of time, that’s where we fine some traffic in the area.
Geologist specialists carefully excavated those footprints so that they could learn how big the animals were and how they walked.

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