Dipika Pallikal Slams Reporter for Calling her Husband Dinesh Karthik ‘ugly’

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squash player Dipika Pallikal was left fuming at an article by a men’s lifestyle website’s reporter for calling her husband and Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik ugly and vented her anger on Twitter.

Actually the article was based on the story of beautiful women choosing not so good looking men as their partners. The reasons for choice were mentioned in the write-up and beneath the picture of Dipika and Karthik, this was written, ‘Most average Joes, while dating an extremely pretty girl, do realise the fact that they have gotten more than their due. This naturally makes them turn into a more caring and concerned partner when compared to a good-looking guy. And concern and care is what a woman actually wants!’

 Dipika as assumed, didn’t take the statement lightly and went on to post this tweet

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