Director and Actor Attempt rape on Telugu Actress in a Moving Car

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Director and Actor Attempt rape on Telugu Actress in a Moving Car



At the heels of the abduction and molestation of Malayalam actress, another incident has shocked the southern film industry. A Telugu actress has alleged rape attempt by director Chalapathi and actor Srujan in a moving car.

She filed a police complaint on Tuesday, accusing both of attempt rape. The complaint was lodged at the Patamala police station in Vijayawada. In the complaint, the actress claimed that both of them took her in a car on the pretext of going for a shoot in Bheemavaram. But on the way, they attempted to rape her in the car.

The aspiring Telugu actress visited the Patamata police station in Vijayawada on August 15 to file a case against the duo. In her complaint, she claimed that Chalapathi and Srujan assured to give her an opportunity for acting in a film. They took her to Bheemavaram on the pretext of going for a film shoot and attempted to rape her in a car on the way.

After filing the complaint, she spoke to the media and said, “I was supposed to be Bheemavaram on August 13 and and I was planning to travel from Hyderabad by a train. But the director and the hero forced me to travel in my car. They started misbehaving with me, as we approached Vijayawada. They assaulted me and threw me in the backseat, when I protested.”

She added, “Director Chalapathi drove the car fast and smashed my vehicle against a lorry. I suffered injuries in this accident. Later, I shared my location with some friends, who rushed here immediately and was admitted me to a nearby hospital.”

She also claimed that Chalapathi and Srujan admitted their mistake and and apologised to her. They also allegedly requested her not to file a case with the police. When she did not listen to them, they blackmailed her by stating that she would not get another film in her career, if she approaches the police station or media.

The police have registered a case, post her lodging the complaint. The accused duo have been charged with IPC Section 279 for rash driving and damaging a woman’s vehicle.

While Chalapathi has been arrested, Srujan is still missing.

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