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Director of ‘Oopiri’ gets emotional over Nag & Karthi’s bonding

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Vamshi Paidipally came in for lots of appreciation while speaking at the audio launch of Oopiri.  Saying that it was an emotional moment, he recounted the bonding which Nag and Karthi shared while shooting for the film and said that such a bonding was the magic of Oopiri. Vamshi Paidipally said, “It’s an emotional moment.  In the process of re-inventing and re-discovering myself, this has come out.  I’m not saying this in a hyperbolic sense.  I went to Nag sir scared whether he will do the film or not.  But I can’t thank Nag sir enough.  It was he who upped my spirits, he gave me the energy.  I bow my head to him.  Oopiri is a breath of relief.  Many have tried to launch Karthi in Telugu.  But he didn’t like any of those stories.  Karthi became a hero after working as an asst director.  Without Karthi and Nag garu, this film wouldn’t have been possible.”The director further said, “The biggest magic of the film is the bonding between Nag garu and Karthi.  Their real-life camaraderi is the real magic of the film.

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