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Director Apology To Tamannaah Bhatia And Actress For Sexist Comments

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Director Suraaj’s Apology To Tamannaah Bhatia And All Actress For His Sexist Comments


Chennai: Famous Tollywood director G Suraj recent interview to an independent channel irked famous actors like Tamannaah and Nayantara.

In the video that was surfaced Suraj is heard saying that heroines are bound to act in glamorous roles as they receive ‘remuneration’ for that. He even added that to meet the audience demands the heroines should wear short dresses. This statement was made by the director when he was asked on why actresses should wear short clothes in films.

Now, the ‘Kathi Sandai’ director has rendered an apology letter to Tamannaah and other heroines in the industry.

Apology Letter

Ironically, Tamannaah, who was watching Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ which highlights the need for woman empowerment, had to leave the film midway to settle the issue.

“This is 2016 and it is very ironic that I had to leave a film like Dangal in the middle which is on woman empowerment and to tackle this issue. I am very hurt and angered by the comments made by my director Suraj and I would definitely want him to apologise, not only to me but to all women in the industry.”

The actress was supported by Vishal, her co-star, who also happens to be General Secretary of the South Indian Artistes’ Association.

He showed solidarity with Tamannaah by tweeting:

After drawing ire and criticism, Suraaj issued statement apologising to Tamannaah and other actresses in the industry.

His statement read:

“I am really sorry and would like to apologise to Ms Tamannah and all the heroines in the industry. My intention was not to show anyone in bad light or hurt their sentiments. I am sorry once again and take back my comments.

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