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Director V N Aditya is mad at a Journalist. Why?

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Director V N Aditya is mad at a Journalist. Why?
Director V N Aditya is mad at a Journalist. Why?

V N Aditya who gave us films like Aata, Boss, Manasantha Nuvve and many more is not pleased with his Journalist friend. Getting into details, the film maker has shifted to USA few days ago alone and his family is still in Hyderabad. There were some pre releases that he is planning some web series in Mississippi but we never got any updates about it lately.

Now Suresh Kavirayani, a film journalist from a popular newspaper has published a news articles saying Aditya has deserted his family. He even mentioned that Aditya is reportedly linked with a Tollywood singer. According to the news item, Aditya has left his family behind and his wife while going to USA and his wife has to work as a school teacher to survive.

The Boss director reacted strongly to the speculation. He posted an ultra strong reply to the journalist and challenged him for a public interview.

He said, ‘‪#‎sureshkavirayani if you know something.. you have every right to write.. i respected you as friend of my journalist brother satish kumar…. you got every damn access with me when ever you needed my help.. this is your bloody true colur.. stop sabotaging others life idiot.. you are no more a jounalist from today.. come let’s have a skype call interview and fight in public.. my family is full of senior jounalists.. what the f…hell you know about me and my family.. dont ever dare to rub me on my wrong side.. i need not prove anybody who never helpled me at any point of my life.. mind your pen.. or get ready to face mediatic consequences to your idiotic writeups.. coverlo dabbulu theesukuni cinema ni promote chese neekem thelusthundi creator viluva.. vadi jeevitham gurinchi..

Well, where is this fight leading, we’ll have to wait and see.

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