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Dispute between Kancanamamla & Vimal cleared by Dileep

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Kanchanamala, the popular social activist who played the inspiration for Ennu Ninte Moideen, has withdrawn the case against the movie, upon the insistence of actor Dileep. Kanchana also confirmed that she has no hard feeling towards the team. But Kanchanamala is still unhappy about the movie and says that director RS Vimal fabricated the real-life incidents for commercial purpose.

Kanchana revealed that the incidents were very painful, as she even thought about committing suicide. According to Kanchana, Vimal had earlier agreed to show her the full script before starting the filming; but he failed to keep his word. These incidents led to a dispute between Kanchana and the team. Currently, she is not in talking terms with director Vimal and the team members.

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