Do you know there is a ‘Fit and Strong’ version of Barbie?

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Do you know there is a ‘Fit and Strong’ version of Barbie?

What do you feel when you look at a Barbie? Some people would say cute and some would say stylish. But a study says the unrealistic body type of Barbie is being reason for depression in a lot of teenagers. I have even seen some of them going through dangerous cosmetic operations to achieve the Barbie body type and features.

This whole scenario has moved a 26 year old Graphic artist and researcher. And the result is a ‘Regular Barbie’ which looks very close to an average 19 year old girl. He named it ‘Lammily’. By the way his name is Mr. Nickolay Lamm.

He has a great reputation in social media through his thought provoking content and write ups. His work is often visible in CNN, BBC, CBS, Time and The
First he made up a digital illusion of Lammily and then he spent close to one year to develop the doll. Lammily come with reusable stickers that can mimic freckles, acne, moles, cellulite, grass stains and stretch marks. It is just not fancy at it’s appearance. But it’s been selling like hot cakes there.

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He said he used to get self-conscious over his body in his high school time and that provoked him to think of a doll that is more close to the average body type. Mr. Lamm did the entire development of the doll on crowd sources. He needed a funding of around $1,00,000 for the development. Surprisingly he was able to source $95,000

within one day and eventually ended up raising $5,01,000. The doll was officially launched on 19th November 2014 and started with a pre ordered dolls of 19,000. This initial version of the doll has jointed wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. After adding additional features, more accessories, body modifications and more stickers, with more outfit options, the second version has been sent into the market in January 2015.

Time, Mashable, Buzzfeed, BusinessInsider, CNN and ABC has helped him for marketing the doll. Mr. Lamm has received applaud from various media forums for providing a normal role model for the young generation which would set more realistic beauty standards. According to Nickolay, during teenage one of the hardest things is to find your own path. But to find that path, you should just stop pretending and start engaging yourself with reality.

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