Narendra Singh Modi on Friday reassured that his government would provide availability of electricity at every home in the country by 2022. This was assurance  was made during Modi’s  first engagement in his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi, where he met rickshaw pullers and their families. Schedule of Modi’s visit to Varanasi was strategically planned and fixed in order to attract the extremely marginalized group, a large section of which belongs to many  bordering and neighboring districts of the poll-bound State of Bihar. On the occasion of this event, Modi verbally attacked the whole opposition instead of criticizing the Congress alone.

Modi boldly claimed  that what these people could not do in 50 years, he will do in 50 months.  Modi said in the first speech he delivered in his constituency after nine months of his election, evoking loud cheers from the crowd of thousands of cycle and e-rickshaw drivers. He spent quite some time interacting with the rickshaw pullers and their families in the city of Varnasi.