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Emporer Ashoka’s nine secret Illuminatus

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Emperor Ashoka! Ashoka the Great! The king ruled the Maurya Dynasty for more than three decades successfully. There are a lot of things that stayed as evidence for his effective government.

He was a powerful king and then he turned out as a Buddhist. History said he was always sensible towards all kinds of religions and all he asked his people was to stay away from violence and keep good relationships with each other. He followed Buddhism and believed that can be beneficial for the entire mankind. He supported to organize the ‘The Buddhist Council’ in Patna during his reign. Every Indian knows about his ‘Dharmachakra’, ‘Ashoka Sthambha’, ‘Lion Capital’ (Ashoka Mudra) and the other constructions that are still preserved as proud symbols for his emperorship.

After he conquered Kalinga during 272 BC, legend says that the kind has founded a secret society. This was because he was disturbed after seeing 100000 soldiers die in the battle. He found that the rebellious people that are in the society often lead the situations to war and he wants to migrate them into the public. As far as War is concerned, Ashoka believed that Intelligence, Science and technology breakthroughs were often put to immoral uses and he wanted to avoid that for achieving ‘Ahimsa’.
That is where the ‘Illuminati’ came from. They are basically nine men kept unknown for the society that would preserve and develop the secrets that is dangerous for the mankind if they fell into wrong hands. Each one of them were to hold a specific book to preserve the knowledge and to be rewritten in order to keep it updated and contain detailed information about the certain subjects they are dealing with.

Talbot Mundy, a British novelist
Talbot Mundy, a British novelist

Talbot Mundy, a British novelist has first revealed about this illuminati in 1923 through his book ‘The Nine Unknown’. He was a member of British police for 25 years so he included his observations and findings into his book about Ashoka’s kingdom. Here are the brief details about those nine books according to Mundy.

Book 1. This was said to be about techniques of propaganda and secrets of physical warfare. This is the most dangerous of all the others and Mundy believed it has details of moulding mass opinion and it can enable anyone to govern the whole world.

Book 2. This discussed the ancient secrets of physiology and explained the methods to kills a person just by touching him/her simply by reversal of nerve impulse. This is even called as ‘One touch death’. It was even said that the martial art ‘Judo’ is a result of leakages from this book.

Book 3. This entire book disclosed the secrets of microbiology and biotechnology.

Book 4. This forth volume explained the Alchemy and nuclear transmutations of metal and other chemical elements. One can actually acquire the metals like Gold by conversation or isotope of certain chemical elements. There are proofs that during severe draught, some temple and religious organizations has created gold from a ‘Secret Source’ that is still unknown in those times.

Book 5. The fifth book has a study of all methods of communication, terrestrial and extraterrestrial as well. Mundy mentioned that these nine men knows about Aliens presence and the ways to communicate with them.

Books 6. This is most fascinating one. This book explained the secrets of gravitation and the actual instructions to erect the ancient Vedic Vimana which was always a secret. This has a lot of information on aerospace technology.

Book 7. This seventh volume contains the deep details of cosmogony and an immense explanation of universe. It was said that is has the information about origins of the universe and solar system.

Book 8. The eighth book was to deal with ‘Light’ and it’s speed. This book was allegedly holding the secrets of using Light as a weapon and there is a rumor that this book has been leaked and that helped the scientific research of ‘Stun Ray’ and ‘Dazzler’. Believe it or not that is what Emperor Ashok wanted to avoid.

Book 9. And the last one has discussed about Sociology and different methods of it’s development. It has a clear explanation of the rules for the evolution of the societies and even some prediction of their decline.

Some of the studies says that these nine men were kept away from the world and they have no contact with anyone else ever. On the other side, there is a belief that they were holding prominent positions in Ashoka’s arena and no one knows their secret side of Illuminati.

Throughout the ancient history, the main challenge for the secret societies was to preserve the knowledge. It’s undeniable that the Secret Society of Ashoka did their job efficiently (if at all they exist) as the world still doesn’t know most of these studies or struggling to find answers to a lot of questions.

by George Charles Beresford, black and white glossy print, 1920

As the English journalist H G Wells once mentioned,
‘Amidst the tens of thousands of names of monarchs that crowd the columns of history, their majesties and graciousnesses and serenities and royal highnesses and the like, the name of Ashoka shines, and shines, almost alone, a star’.

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