Emraan Hashmi compensates to his wife each time he kisses on screen

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Emraan Hashmi has to buy a bag for every Kiss
Emraan Hashmi has to buy a bag for every Kiss

The serial Kisser of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi has a pact with his wife. That is not only funny but also expensive. Emraan is known for his steamy lip locks on screen and eventually it turned out like it is least expected from his films now. In 2006, he turned his long time relationship into wedding with Parveen Shahani.

Recently at the launch event of his book, ‘The Kiss of Life’ he said he has to make it up to her each time he had to kiss an actress on screen.

She still sulks. She doesn’t hit me as hard now, earlier it used to be with a bag, now it’s just with the hand. So she has kind of come down over the years. I always buy her bags, for every kiss, for every film. She has got a cupboard full of bags, there’s one cupboard dedicated to bags… As many times, but bag is only once. We’ve had a barter deal; that way I told her that I’ll be broke.’

Getting bags is fine. But Parveen, doesn’t every bag remind you that your husband kissed someone just before getting you that one? Just kidding!