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Enough of Ghosts I want to play normal characters now: Prayaga

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Prayaga Martin
Prayaga Martin

She started her acting career with Mysskin directorial Pisaasu but after that none of the Tamil films she signed got materialized. So this Kochi girl, Prayaga Martin came back to mother land and became busy in Malluwood. Saying that she would’ve never picked those role if they are clichéd, scary yakshis, Prayaga talked about her previous roles and future projects.

Personally I am not a fan of Horror films. Both my eerie characters Bhavani of Pisaasu and Parvathi of Oru Murai… aren’t the clichéd scary yakshis with vampire teeth, fire-emitting eyes etc. I didn’t even wear colored eye lens or anything. The roles look very natural like normal girls. The whole horror content is in the screenplay and VFX. I also enjoyed dubbing for Oru Murai… I thought it would be tough dubbing for the loud, ghostly laughter portions but that was the easiest part of the process. It was also my first experience ever in dubbing, and it was fun.

She even said she had enough of ghostly characters and now wants to try out the other side of it. She cleared that she is not going to do any horror films for a few days. Talking about her future projects,

Pa.Va is a special film I can’t reveal much about my role yet. But definitely it will be very different from my previous works. In fact Pa Va started first and that marks the first film I acted in Malayalam. Ore Mugham is period drama. I’ll be seen as a collage girl of 80’s

Including these, Prayaga has three films in making and a Tamil film that has been delayed. Stay tuned for more updates.

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