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FABULOUS after 50

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Fabulous after 50's
Fabulous after 50’s

Age is just a number’ we hear that very often. But it isn’t just a number; it is scale of awesomeness for the list below. Their charm grows directly proportionate to their age. Irrespective of language, we’ve such priceless aging wine bottles in every industry. I just picked out a few out of them.. Let’s have a look.




How can I start the list with any other name?

Age: 65


Though most of his works are in and around Tamil Films, he is world famous. Rajinikanth’s popularity, energy and style are irreplaceable. If there is any 65 year old actor that can be paired with a 24-year old heroine and still can steal the show that is only possible to Chitti, the Robot.



Big B..



Rishtey Mein Toh Hum Tumhare Baap Hote Hain..

Age: 73


He has outshined the number two decades ago and still the most celebrated actor of Indian Cinema. His picture printed on scent bottles are collectables. His autograph is enough to get things sold out. That is Big B Amitabh Bachchan.



Mega Star..



Cheyyi Chusava enta rough ga undo?

Age: 61


May be the world knows him as Chiranjeevi. But Tollywood calls him Mega Star forever. There is no wonder if someone says, ‘Half of the new generation heroes got into films, because inspired by Chiru’. Did you see the MAA awards performance? Who dances like that at the age of 61? I don’t know about you. I am waiting for 150th film.





Where did you think Dulquer got the charm from?

Age: 64


Malayalam Mega star is the king of Kerala Pop culture. Starting with Devalokam, till Thoppil Joppan he ruled the cult and commercial cinema effortlessly. Mammootty has the youngest thoughts and ideology among the actors of his age group.



Sallu Bhai..



Probably the only bachelor among this list..

Age: 50


He has done the best films. He has dated the most desired girls. He’s seen it all. At this point of time, Salman Khan is just making his acting career worth a while. With films like Bhajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan, he proved that he growing younger, fitter and stronger year by year.





Don’t you forget, he is S/o Soggadu

Age: 56


Believe it or not he is father of two actors who look like his younger siblings. If you list down the heroes who brought most of the Bollywood beauties to Tollywood, even today Akkineni Nagarjuna will stand in the front row of that list. With a body like that, it’s hard to believe, but he is fifty damn six.


Mohan Lal


Don’t mess with ‘Puli Muruguan’.

Age: 56


Mohan Lal is probably one of those few actors in India, who is being loved irrespective language, place and their taste of cinema. His charming personality, classy looks and ever young energy makes him get on to the Fab after 50’s list.



Uttama Villain

I almost forgot he crossed 50 too and it’s been a decade.8

Age: 61


Somehow it is tough to see this acting brilliance through a factor of age. I mean, Kamal Hassan is one such artist who makes us feel he is born for this art. Even the Greatest actors of all time admire his work. He is such multi talented human being, sometimes it is impossible to believe he is actually existing and not a fiction.



Prakash Raj


No, I am not going to end the list without him.

Age: 51


He never made you check his age, did he? Prakash Raj looked like a 70-year old a couple of decades ago and he can anytime look like a 30-year old, if it’s needed. One of those very few amazingly versatile artists Indian cinema have ever seen. If you are going by the father characters he portrayed, you are wrong. He can totally rock a denim and Tee like a chap.


What do you think of the list? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the Comments below.