Fan Mistakes Nargis Fakhri for Katrina Kaif, Actress not Amused

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Fan Mistakes Nargis Fakhri for Katrina Kaif, Actress not Amused



Nargis Fakhri was misunderstood as Katrina Kaif! Yes, this very incident happened with the actor recently and she shared about it on her official Twitter page.

Nargis revealed in a series of tweets that she was approached by a fan who addressed her as Katrina and requested to take a picture of her. When she corrected him, he decided to take a picture anyway, because Nargis apparently looked like Katrina.

Nargis wrote, “A man just said hi Katrina can I take a pic. I said thanks but I’m not her. He said oh ok I’ll take a pic of u anyway cuz u look like her (sic).”

She added, “Amazing how people just go ahead & take a picture of u not knowing who u are,?? even when u say no, they do it anyway. So weird. Humans (sic).”

Whereas another fan tweeted, “Yeah u both look quite similar and both of u r beautiful in ur own ways… Keep shining Nargis..! (sic).”

When someone did point out that they did look similar, the actor said that it was a compliment and that there was nothing better than being mistaken for a beautiful woman.

Recently, Nargis has made her singing debut in collaboration with Punjabi artiste Parichay and rapper Kardinal Offishall. The track is titled “Habitaan Vigaad Di”.

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