Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor is a True Blessing: Manali Rathod

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Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor is a True Blessing: Manali Rathod



Regarding how she got the role, Actress Manali Rathod says, Producer Madhura Sreedhar sir called me to meet Vamsy sir and clearly mentioned that I should get dressed in a traditional way. I Exactly did what he said and met Vamsy sir. I was later offered the film. We shot at several locations in and around Godavari for the film.  We literally had no phone signals and we all stayed in huts. It was a lifetime experience to remember.

When I first signed the movie, Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor, I was quite intimidated by the thought of working with the senior most director Vamsy Sir, who’s a legend in his own way of making movies. Lot of  people told me that he is very very strict on the sets and I should be very careful whenever iam around him. I was totally scared on the first day of the shoot when I was on the sets. I learnt a very important lesson that day, that I should never listen to people and gossips. Vamsy sir was an amazing person to work with. I feel iam blessed working with him. After years of struggle I learnt so much with him and this film is a true blessing for me, says Manali Rathod.

Regarding her character in the Movie, Ammulu, is a silent and innocent girl who doesn’t even come out of her house but still falls into a guy’s trap. What follows is the twist & turn in the story, says Manali Rathod.

Unlike her character in the film, In the reality I can be naughty sometimes, especially around people whom I am close with, says the Actress Manali Rathod. As of now, the actress is very excited about her new film, Howrah Bridge, co-starring with Rahul Ravindran, which is up for release.  She also says that she is very thrilled that both the movies could release in a very short gap.


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