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Fatal bombing in Latakia of Syria

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In the city of Syria of Latakia,  a deadly bomb attack took place killing 10 people and 25 others were injured. A van filled with dangerous bombs blew up out side the school premises on city outskirts as reported by the Sana news agency. A state television channel has shown the telecast involving footage of charred cars and deteriorated windows that were blown up in the explosion.

It has been reported that  a rebel alliance that includes Al-Qaeda’s local affiliate, Al-Nusra Front, has been taking lead  on the city and within its surrounding areas after driving the government agencies  out of much of neighboring Idlib province earlier this year. Sana reported that the bomb was detonated at 12:00 (09:00) on Wednesday, outside Imad Ali school in Hamam square, on the northern edges of Latakia.

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