FB & Social Medi blamed by city students for deportation

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Many city students who were deported from the US while on their way to Silicon Valley University and North Western Polytechnic University in California have their Facebook and social media posts to blame.According to a source at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, these students were asked by the US immigration and homeland security officials to open their Facebook and social media pages.The officials checked their conversations with their parents, friends, US admission consultants and University officials. In these posts, the students had openly confessed to their plans.

“I want to take up a job,” said one. “University officials allowed me to do jobs outside while studying,” wrote another. “University officials promised me to give attendance exemption if I pay,” said a student according to the source. “Classes will be online and I can work elsewhere,” wrote a student.The source said that after going through these posts, the US officials felt that they were ‘non-serious students’ who had come to earn money.

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