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Former jail inmate develops software called Phoenix for jails

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Amit Misra, a software engineer, was jailed in 2013 after his wife committed suicide and he was blamed for her death.He belongs to Gorakhpur and has now been acquitted of all charges by the court, is back in Gurgaon where he heads an information technology firm. The software called Phoenix will improve the working in jails on three levels. The union home ministry has already given its consent to use the software in jails across the country. The software has been purchased by four IT companies who will install it in the jails in various states.

On the first level, all information about the names of jail inmates, convicts, their address, crime cases pending against them and the status of cases will be available to the public at one click.At the second level, the software will improve the management and administration of jails in the country. Once the data is fed into the computer, it will automatically enter itself in all relevant sections. At the third level, the software will prove beneficial for the jail inmates who will be able to access their case status at one click.


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