Girl Murders 5-yr-old Whose Father Raped Her

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A 15-year-old girl, arrested Wednesday for allegedly killing a five-year-old boy in Khair area of Aligarh, has told police that she killed the boy because his father had raped her two days ago.

Aligarh Additional SP (Rural) Sansar Singh said that at the time of her arrest, the girl told her father that she had been raped by the boy’s father on Monday evening. “She said she killed the boy because she had been raped by his father. She had not filed any complaint before her arrest,” Sansar Singh told

He said the girl told them that the boy’s father raped her near a tubewell. A case was lodged against the alleged rapist on Wednesday and the girl’s medical examination was done Thursday. He said the girl had been sent to a juvenile home in Ghaziabad.


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